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Resident Evil 6 - E3 Official Trailer (PEGI)

2012-06-04 4,500 121 603,398 YouTube

Buy Resident Evil 6 at Resident Evil 6 is the dramatic and horrific fear inducing blockbuster entertainment experience of 2012, delivered by The Godfather of Survival Horror. • 4 closely interwoven scenarios each with their own protagonists and challenges, come together in Resident Evil to reveal the truth about a global bio terrorist attack • Experience the horror of Resident Evil 6 from three different perspectives. Feel the intense fear as Leon investigates the President's murder; the horrific action as Chris fights in China and the tension as Jake escapes from Eastern Europe. • Team up and share the horror of Resident Evil 6 with online co-op action for up to 4 players • Face unpredictable enemies in Resident Evil 6. Zombies that run, jump and wield weapons plus the deadly J'avo that, when hit mutate into any number of hideous forms. • Check online stats, progression and compare to friends on the free service 'Like' on Facebook Follow on Twitter!/RE_games Google+ ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.